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Should you repair the pipes in your home or invest in repiping? Trust Apple Valley Plumbing Company with their top quality repiping services and expert, honest advice. Call (612) 387-1207 to schedule an appointment with us today.

The Best Repiping Services by Professionals

For many, the idea of repiping your home is daunting and unnecessary. It’s a large project that is intimidating to many homeowners. When you work with Apple Valley Plumbing Company in Apple Valley, MN, you can rest easy because we take the stress out of these large projects while focusing on providing the most reliable and comprehensive service in the area.

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Benefits of Repiping

Over time, the piping system in your home will begin to wear out and deteriorate. When this happens, you can expect leaks that are more frequent, lower water pressure and even a change in the smell or color of your water.

Repiping will fix all of these issues while also saving you money on water bills. Newer, more modern pipes are designed to accommodate small repairs and last longer and require less attention than older pipes. While repiping is an upfront investment, the benefits pay for themselves.

PEX or Copper?

There are two main piping materials in the industry; PEX and copper. Both have benefits such as reducing the metallic taste from your water, but there are different benefits and downsides to each that may make a difference to you when repiping your home:


  • Made from a flexible material that is easy to install and repair
  • Resistant to acidic substances and less likely to freeze or burst in cold weather
  • Less expensive than copper, but does not last as long
  • Cannot be exposed to sunlight, used outside or directly attached to a water heater


  • Have strong joints that will not sag or leak
  • Highly durable, lasts much longer than PEX
  • The upfront cost to install is higher

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Benefits of Working with Apple Valley Plumbing Company

We have been providing honest advice and quality service to homeowners in the area since 2013. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, owner, Greg Kranz is well equipped to help provide individualized solutions to all your plumbing problems.

In addition to our expert repairs and installations, we offer the following unique features on each service call:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Upfront pricing
  • Clean, courteous service
  • Flat rate pricing with no hidden fees

Call us today at (612) 387-1207 in Apple Valley, MN for more information about the benefits and advantages of repiping your home. By investing in repiping, we can help save you money in the long run on water bills and future repairs.