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What to Do If Your Toilet Won’t Flush

One of the most embarrassing situations for a homeowner is when the toilet won’t flush. Having to explain away the situation of a clogged toilet is hard and causes a lot of distress. Not only that, but the situation can have serious health effects as well for everyone living in the home.

When the worst should happen, it is important to get help right away in order to unclog the toilet. On the other hand, preventing the toilet from backing up in the first place will save a lot of inconvenience, stress, and money. Below, expert plumbers share three ways to avoid a toilet that will not flush.

Plumbers Offer Hydrojetting Service

pressured waterOne of the best ways to keep your drain lines clear is by having a hydrojetter clean out any build-up periodically. This system will eliminate clogs due to excess hair, soap scum, dirt, mineral build-up, oil, and grease. This debris can cause major clogs and keep your toilet from flushing.

Using high water pressure is beneficial as well, a hydrojetter is a stream of water that is sent through your drain pipes to clear it of any debris. This is typically done during drain cleaning which is also another great service to have performed to keep your toilets working as they should.

Drain cleaning, along with hydrojetting, should be done every two to three years. Depending on the state of your pipes, it may need to be done more often. Another benefit of dream cleaning is that it can provide information on the state of your pipes and prevent future repairs.

Watch Your Water Level

Another tip for keeping your toilets flushing is to watch the water level in your toilet tank. The water in the tank is what will flush your toilet. When you flush the handle, the water is released and gravity assists it in washing away all of the waste.

water level

When there is not enough water, it won't accumulate the force needed to flush. If you have a leak or other type of issue with your tank, you may not have the water needed to successfully use the toilet. Typically, the water level should be at least three-quarters of the way full for a successful flush. If it is not, this may be the culprit behind your flushing issue.

Your Flush Handle May Be the Problem

flush handleThe toilet handle on your toilet is another important aspect of flushing and one of the main causes of any issues. The handle is the mechanism that releases the water from the tank into the toilet which will then wash away the waste.

When the handle is broken or the attachment has come loose, it will keep your toilet from behaving as it should. As this is a very common cause of a non-flushing toilet, it can be overlooked. Thankfully, the fix for this issue is quite simple.

A technician will start by ensuring that the handle is connected to the ballcock in the tank. If that is fine you may need to have your handle replace which can usually be done quite simply by a technician. Overall, having a successful flushing toilet is important for your health and well-being.

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