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Is It Time for a New Water Heater?

Water heaters are best when they are neither seen nor heard. They are one of those appliances that silently do their job and largely go unnoticed. It is often taken for granted. The problem is that this can lead to years without the homeowner realizing that the water heater is breaking down. If a water heater is more than ten years old, it is a ticking time bomb for replacement. Likewise, a plumbing professional may recommend an upgrade if a water heater is not doing its job and constantly needs repair. If these most obvious signs are not present, a few other ways a home’s water heater may be communicating that it may be reaching the end of its functionality. 

Clangs, Rumbles, and Creaks, Oh My!sounds

As previously mentioned, water heaters tend to do their work quietly. When noises begin issuing from that back corner of the linen closet, there may be a problem. Banging and rumbling noises can indicate that there is sediment or calcium buildup in the tank. Several different things can cause this:

What’s In the Water? Foul Smells and Discolorationwater

The above problems can lead to rusty, musty, and smelly water. Whether or not it is coming from a faulty water heater or the pipes needs to be determined by an experienced professional. At the very least, a home will need water heater maintenance if this problem occurs. A tankless water heater may need to be flushed to remove sediment or hard water crystallization from the internal parts. Here are a few maintenance steps a plumbing professional would take to make sure a home’s water is running clear and without icky smells:
  • Flush the Tank: This is emptying the water heater’s tank and cleaning it with solvents that help remove sediment and calcium deposits from hard water.
  • Replace the Anode Rod: The anode rod attracts corroded particles and keeps them out of the water. If the anode rod is not working properly, this will lead to higher particle buildup, so replacing it can correct the problem.
  • Check and Resurface the Tank: A protective coating on the inside of hot water tanks prevents rusting and other types of corrosion. If this coating is damaged, it can cause rusty colored and rusty-smelling water. One can resurface the interior in some cases, but if the problem is extensive, it may require water heater replacement.

Leaks: A Sure Sign that a Water Heater Needs Immediate Attention 

If a puddle or puddles of water are evident from a home’s water heater, it is time to place a call to the pros. While it may be difficult for the average homeowner to determine where a leak is coming from or how to fix it, this is something that the licensed plumber does practically every day. It will be quick work either to repair the leak or advise the homeowner on what steps to take. If a water heater does leak, a person should not ignore it. It can be extremely damaging to a home’s structure.

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