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What Causes Chronic Toilet Clogs?

It’s Valentine’s Day, and everyone is getting ready for a night on the town. The anticipation is palpable as everyone gets ready for a big date, but what is the one thing that can ruin pre-date preparations? A clogged toilet that won’t flush or, worse yet, spills sewage out onto the floor. 

A clogged toilet is a pain any time of year, but on one night when it has to be reliable, it can be a real letdown. Here is a quick guide from the experts about why toilets clog and how to prevent this disaster from ruining a meaningful and fun evening. 

Pay Attention to What Gets Flushed 

toilet During hygiene rituals leading up to the big night, it can be tempting to discard things in the toilet for quick convenience. Cotton swabs and disposable towels may be quickly tossed in the toilet, but the consequences of doing so can be detrimental to evening plans. 

The most common cause of clogged toilets is unflushable items being flushed down the commode. Toilets are designed to break up fragile items like waste and toilet paper so that they flow easily through the drain of a toilet and subsequent sewer lines. When other items that weren’t intended to be flushed are tossed in the toilet they can interfere with the normal flushing action of the toilet. Unflushable items that don’t break up during the flushing process are: 

  • Paper towels
  • Diapers
  • Hygiene products
  • Wipes

Keeping these items out of the drain will prevent most chronically clogged toilets. Always err on the side of caution and even avoid flushing products deemed “flushable.” discard these items in the trash and only flush toilet paper. 

Restrict Toilet Paper Usage 

paperPaying attention to what goes into the toilet can prevent many clogged toilets, but unfortunately, even zealous paper-only flushers can damage their toilets and sewer lines. Toilet paper is also a common contributor to clogged toilets. As mentioned earlier, toilets break up toilet paper as the stool flushes. However, this is contingent on having enough turbulence in the basin to break up toilet paper. If too much toilet paper is flushed at once, the toilet can’t break up the mass, and a nasty clog will result. 

Instead, try using less toilet paper or attempting to flush a smaller volume down the drain in one flush. This can be accomplished by buying toilet paper that isn’t as sturdy or by flushing multiple times during a session as toilet paper accumulates. 

Prevent Problems Like Sewer Line Clogs 

A clogged toilet is only as reliable as the sewer line it is connected to. The truth is many clogged toilets are misdiagnosed. The problem lies further down the system in the sewer lines. Paying attention to the first two suggestions in the article can help keep sewer lines clean, but professional assistance can ensure that clogged toilets aren’t a problem. Routine drain and sewer line cleaning by a professional can keep sewer lines clean so they don’t cause problems like clogged toilets. 

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