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3 Common Signs of Hidden Broken Water Lines

Water leaks are certainly the most wasteful of all plumbing problems. Even compared to other plumbing problems like overflowing toilets, water leaks can be expensive due to water waste and damage from the excess, uncontrolled moisture. In many cases, water leaks are visible. They manifest in leaky faucets and running toilets. However, most of the plumbing in a home is hidden behind walls and underneath slabs. It’s not uncommon for hidden plumbing to spring leaks. 

Hidden leaks can cause a lot of damage, including wood rot and mold infestation. Knowing what to look for can save homeowners lots of money, aside from the savings of not wasting the water from a leak. Here is a quick guide from local plumbers to help homeowners spot hidden water leaks. 

Listen for the Sound of Running Waterfaucet

All pipes make noise when water flows through them. Even if it is faint, the sound of running water is a common sound around the house. Hidden leaks are often first found by the sound that they make. As water pours out of a leak, it allows water to flow into the pipes upstream of the leak. The water flowing through the pipe can be audible once the leak is bad enough. 

In addition to the sound of flowing water, the steady drip of water can be a dead giveaway with a hidden leak present. Most leaks start as dripping, so often, the first sound a leak will make is a steady drip. Using the sound of the drips, homeowners can trace the source back to the leak and give the plumbers an exact location for them to make repairs on the broken water line. 



Look for Wet Spots Outside

One can easily find water line breaks in the home because of their damage and the sloppy mess they can make. However, hidden leaks are common in outdoor plumbing. The environment that outdoor piping is in can be harsh. With temperature changes and shifting soils, leaks are common. 

Swampy spots in the lawn most often find outdoor leaks. If they persist long enough, dense vegetation in the area or dead spots are giveaways that a leak is present. Doing a sweep around the yard for leaks is a great opportunity to get outside and mosey. 


Low Water Pressure

Whether the leaks are inside or outdoors, they will have one feature in common: low water pressure. Water leaks allow pressure to escape from the home’s plumbing system, and the loss of pressure will be apparent at sinks and in the shower. The loss of pressure will be similar to the experience one has when two plumbing fixtures are being used simultaneously. 

Along with the loss of water pressure, an accompanying spike in water bills will be the final piece of the puzzle. Even small leaks can drip out hundreds of gallons of water per month. This will be obvious on monthly bills. Getting leaks fixed quickly can stem the flow of wasted water and prevent small hidden leaks from doing any more damage. 

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