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Water Leaking from Drain Pipe

Save Yourself From Water Leaks!

The whole principle behind good plumbing is that water stays inside your plumbing system until it is ready for use. Any deviation from that principle is a leak and any leak is too big of a leak. Leaks are expensive. While you may think that leaks are expensive to repair, they are much more expensive if they are allowed to continue. Leaking water isn’t free. Utility bills will continue to accrue until the leak is repaired. Additionally, depending on the location of the leak, it could cause damage to your cabinets, walls, and floors by promoting mold growth and rotting wooden members. 

In this article, you will learn where to look for common leaks and what causes them. Prevention of leaks will also be covered so that you know how to protect yourself and your property from complications caused by leaks. 

Where Are Common Water Leaks?

Common Causes of Water LeaksA leak occurs any time water is allowed outside of your plumbing system unintentionally. Leaks can happen in freshwater lines, drains, appliances, fixtures, and sewers. Some common examples of leaks are:
  • A dripping faucet.
  • Water coming from hose connections under a sink.
  • Bathtub drains leaking water onto floors under the tub.
  • Seeping flapper valve in a toilet.
  • Water seeping up through a concrete slab from a broken pipe.
  • Leaking hot water tank.

Depending on the leak, there are many ways that plumbers go about fixing the problem. Leaks that occur in sinks or fixtures may require repair in the form of new washers or valve stems or maybe even total replacement. Toilet tank kits may need to be installed to make sure it isn’t constantly running. Leaky sections of pipe may need to be replaced or updated to newer systems. 

Causes Of Water Leaks

Water leaks can happen for many reasons and it’s up to your plumber to try and figure out the root cause. Fixtures and toilets begin to leak over time because parts wear out and need to be replaced. Heavy spring rains can cause strain on pipes that may cause them to burst. Corrosion may degrade metal pipes and tanks and require replacement with modern plastic-based alternatives. Warm summer air may cause condensation to form on pipes and commode tanks making them appear to leak. 

Preventing Leakage

Water Leak PreventionLuckily, there are steps you can take to protect your plumbing and home. The first step is vigilance. Paying attention to areas under cabinets and around water heaters can keep you alert about slow leaks happening. 

Secondly, have your home’s pressure regulator tested by a plumber. Home’s are equipped with pressure regulating devices that prevent spikes in water pressure. Occasionally, they go bad and allow a surge of pressure to damage your plumbing. A plumber can verify yours is working and replace it if need be. 

Third, updating old fixtures, piping, and water tanks can help prevent problems before they occur. If you are planning a remodel, this is a great time to consider new fixtures and replacing sections of outdated piping. 

Finally, look into whole-home leak detectors. Leak detectors can tell when leaks are occurring and shut off water accordingly. 

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