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SuperHero Plumber

Find Out How Superhero Plumbers Protect Your Family From Unclean Water

Superheroes don’t just fly through the sky with costumes and capes fighting crime. They also wear regular clothes and carry a plunger with a toolbox. We’re talking about your neighborhood plumbers here in Apple Valley, MN.

You may not automatically think of plumbers as superheroes. However, did you know the serious health risks that could threaten your family if your plumbing wasn't intact, or if it was made of outdated material? Your plumber could save your family’s life and keep you from becoming gravely ill from water contamination.

Super Water Conservation

Another way that plumbers are superheroes is that they save the planet by aiding in water conservation. According to the EPA, household leaks account for a shocking 10,000 gallons of wasted water a year in the U.S. That’s a lot of water! Don’t hesitate to call your plumber to fix leaks as soon as you find them.

Leaks happen even when you can’t see them. Be vigilant for signs of mold growth, damp spots on the walls, moisture on pipes, sounds of rushing water when faucets are off, low water pressure and an unexpected hike in water bills.

What you Need to Know About Plumbing and Water Contamination

You’ve heard of water getting tainted at the source when there are chemical spills or ground toxicity or environmental pollution factors at play. However, if your plumbing is compromised, the risk of your drinking and cooking water becoming contaminated as it travels from the source (even if it was clean, to begin with) can be substantial.

To start, if your pipes are under distress because of pressure or become cracked, backflow can occur, meaning that wastewater could mingle with your clean drinking water.

How old is your home? Have you upgraded your pipes since you’ve lived there? Older homes tend to have pipes that contain lead, which can leach into your water. Older pipes made of other materials can corrode as well, leaching toxins into the water.

The answer to all of this is to have your plumbing inspected and upgraded as necessary to PVC piping, which is durable and toxin free.

The Health Issues You May Face

Some common illnesses that are contracted as a result of drinking contaminated water include salmonella, E coli, lead and/or arsenic poisoning.

Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, respiratory problems, fever, rash and potentially neurological problems.

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