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Understanding a Backed-Up Sewer Line

A home’s sewer line is important in keeping a home running safely and smoothly since sewer lines are responsible for moving sewage and wastewater away from the home and into treatment plants or disposal facilities. When a sewer line backs up or reverses the sewage flows back up the drains at home, it becomes a health and safety hazard that needs to be resolved immediately. 

What Causes a Sewer Line To Back Up?

tree root infiltrationA sewer line backup is a common problem many homeowners face, and there are plenty of reasons why this happens quite often. Some of the most typical causes of a sewer line backup include: 

  • Tree root invasion - tree roots and pipes can sometimes get too close to each other for comfort, and in some cases, the two collide, causing sewer lines to be blocked by invasive tree roots
  • Pipes destroyed by shifting soil - when soil settles, shifts, or moves around, pipes also lose their footing and can end up broken or destroyed, causing the sewer line to back up
  • Clogged pipelines - blockages in the pipelines can be caused by a buildup of debris 
  • Old and worn down pipes - pipes age, wear down, and eventually break, which can cause a sewer line backup

Different Methods for Repair

camera inspectionJust as there are many different reasons for the occurrence of a backed-up sewer line, there exists an equally numerous method for sewer line repair, which hinges on each particular cause. 

A clogged pipe, for example, could be dealt with by hydrojet drain cleaning, which employs a steady stream of highly pressurized water to dislodge stubborn and persistent clogs. On the other hand, a broken or damaged sewer line caused by invasive tree roots may require a different sewer pipe repair approach. In this instance, it would be advisable to conduct trenchless sewer repair, in which an epoxy pipe lining could be inserted into the broken pipe, inflated, and then cured to seal it into the inside of the old pipe, making it practically new again. 

Trenchless pipe lining can also be used to repair pipes destroyed by shifting soil or replace old and worn down pipes since this kind of pipe lining installation is minimally invasive and can be done with the guidance of a sewer camera inspection. 

Despite the difference in approach, all methods benefit from sewer video inspection, which allows plumbers to get a good view internally of the pipes to diagnose and detect particular problems and develop appropriate solutions.

Tips for Preventing Future Backups

Most sewer line problems can be prevented by keeping pipes clean and free from debris that could accumulate and build up a clog internally. This means practicing good waste disposal habits that prevent certain things from entering the pipes and wreaking havoc. Oil and grease are a pipe’s number one enemy; next are food scraps, hair, and a slew of non-biodegradable items that get flushed down the toilet, such as wipes, feminine hygiene products, and copious amounts of toilet paper. Keeping these things from getting into the sewer line is already half the battle won.

Going hand-in-hand with proper waste disposal is engaging in regular preventative plumbing maintenance. Calling in your trusted, handy plumber to inspect and repair the sewer lines and pipes regularly and conduct annual drain cleaning is a surefire way to keep the sewer lines from backing up and causing a world of inconvenience.

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