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The Garbage Disposal Is a Special Part of a Thanksgiving Meal

It's November, and that means the year is winding down. But first, the busy holiday season awaits, and the first milestone of the season is Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, families cook enormous meals and invite friends and family over to celebrate what they're thankful for in the past year. There are a million things to be thankful for, but there are always things that get overlooked. One of the overlooked choices could be the garbage disposal

At most Thanksgiving meals, the turkey is the centerpiece. But for the people who have to clean up after the meal, the show's garbage disposal is the star. Here is a quick guide from local kitchen plumbing contractors to help homeowners get the most from their garbage disposal during the holiday season. 

Garbage Disposals Protect Kitchen Sink Plumbingdrain  

Kitchen plumbing has to deal with all kinds of hazards that the other drains in a home don't have to handle. This means that the kitchen sink drain is more likely to clog than any other drain in the house. A garbage disposal is a nifty device that serves a handy purpose. 

While cooking a huge meal, there will inevitably be food scraps from serving and preparing dishes in the sink. Instead of allowing giant food particles into the drains, a garbage disposal grinds them into smaller particles. With a good flush of water coming from the faucet while running the garbage disposal, food debris won't cause any clogged drains during holiday meal cleanup. 

How to Make the Garbage Disposal Last

The job that a garbage disposal does can be nasty. Dealing with wet food particles and grinding them up so they don't make a mess can take its toll on this appliance. There are a few things that homeowners can do to make their disposals last longer. Some good habits to get into to make the garbage disposal last longer are: 

  • Discard the bulk of the food into the garbage instead of down the drain
  • Always run hot water down the drain while using the garbage disposal
  • Never discard grease down the drain; put it in the trash instead
  • Keep onion and potato peels out of the sink since they can still cause clogs even after they get ground up

Signs Garbage Disposal Repair is Overduegarbage disposal

A garbage disposal is a noisy piece of equipment because it is a powerful appliance. The noise that a garbage disposal makes can be alarming but it is usually the best indicator of trouble. There is a difference between the noise of good operation and the noise a garbage disposal makes when it is having trouble. A garbage disposal can exhibit new noises like:
  • Grinding
  • Squealing
  • Humming
  • Wobbling

All of these are indicators that something is awry. It may be as simple as something getting caught in the blades throwing it off balance, or the sounds could indicate bad bearings or a locked motor. Either way, a garbage disposal specialist can replace the offending appliance or schedule a new garbage disposal installation. 

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