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Pay Attention to Warning Signs of Frozen Pipes 

During the cold winter months, pipes are prone to freezing over. This happens when the water in the pipes drops to a temperature below freezing due to not having enough insulation. 

Frozen pipes can lead to many problems for a plumbing system and should be avoided. An experienced plumbing technician can help homeowners prevent frozen pipes in the wintertime. This article discusses the various warning signs that a home needs frozen pipe repair:

  • Little to no water running from faucets
  • Frost forming on the outside of exposed pipes
  • Loud noises coming from the pipes 
  • Sewage smell inside of the home 
  • Burst pipes 

How Frozen Pipes Affect Water Pressurefaucet

One of the first things homeowners notice when their pipes are frozen over is that their faucets are not running as usual. When water freezes over, it turns into solid ice, causing blockages in the water flow. A sudden loss of water pressure during a cold snap can indicate a frozen water line.  

A dangerous downside to frozen pipes is that they can expand when water turns to ice. When this happens, it can cause the pipe to burst. Not only can burst pipes cause a ton of expensive property damage, but a burst pipe can also put the residents of the home in danger from electrocution if the leak reaches the electrical components within the wall.   

pipe Visibly Frosted Over Pipes 

Checking for frost on exposed pipes can help a homeowner determine whether or not their pipes are frozen. In most homes, one can find exposed pipes in crawl spaces, closets, or under the kitchen/bathroom sink. 

A frosty layer of ice visible on the outside of the pipe indicates a good chance that it looks the same way on the inside of the pipe. 

This means that the pipes are in danger of freezing over, preventing water flow, and eventually causing a leaky or burst pipe. Burst pipe repair services keep plumbing companies busy all winter long.

Frozen Sewer Line Causes Terrible Smell 

The pipes connecting the water line to the faucets are not the only pipes that can freeze over in a house. The plumbing which connects the toilet and shower drains to the sewer line is also susceptible to freezing when the temperature drops. 

A frozen sewer line sometimes results in a foul sewage smell inside the home. Human waste and dirty water frozen inside the pipes are the culprits of this dirty smell. 

This is a very unpleasant occurrence that can be avoided by taking preventative measures against frozen pipes, such as adding additional pipe insulation. 

Frozen sewer lines can end a holiday party fairly quickly as no one wants to hang around to smell the sewage. Homeowners should schedule frozen pipe repair before the holidays to prevent a plumbing disaster. 

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