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These Easily Avoidable Plumbing Mistakes Get Homeowners Every Year

While some plumbing issues are unavoidable, the vast majority of the most common ones are easy to avoid. Unfortunately, many competing forces out there tell homeowners the wrong things, which can get them into trouble. Small mistakes turn to big ones, and big mistakes cost big money to fix. Luckily, to start the year off right, expert plumbers have compiled a list of three common plumbing mistakes for homeowners to avoid. Read on to find out what they are!

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Solving Clogs With Liquid Drain Cleaners

No one wants to deal with a clogged drain. Not only is it sometimes an unpleasant experience, but it can also be messy. Plus, drain clogs tend to come at the absolute worst times, like when guests are at the house or when everyone is rushing out of the house in the morning to start the day. This is what the makers and sellers of liquid drain cleaners count on. These drain cleaners are essentially “hands-off” products. Pour them down the drain and wait. That’s it. 

They don’t tell people about these drain cleaners because they can damage the home’s plumbing. Those same chemicals that are so good at eating through clogs can start to eat through the pipes — especially when used regularly. Plus, these chemicals are anything but good for the environment. And that’s just where they end up much of the time: in the water table. These are two major reasons why it’s best to take care of a drain clog with a plumber’s snake or hydro-jetting, which is the best way to clean pipes. 

Putting Off Water Heater Maintenanceplumber

Most people still have tank-style water heaters these days. These work by keeping water heated throughout the day, whether anyone’s using it or not. This means the water heater is constantly working. Even when no one’s home. And when something is working all the time, it must get the care it needs. 

Water heater maintenance is best done by a professional plumber once or twice a year. This is the best way to get the most out of the unit. The plumber will flush out the tank, removing sediment built up. They’ll also check the anode rod, an essential component that needs occasional replacement. The plumber will also perform a range of other checks to ensure everything is functioning as it should, which will help the homeowners prevent water heater issues all year!

Going the DIY Route for Big Plumbing Jobs

The last plumbing mistake to avoid is the hardest one for some people to get past. Those DIY warriors out there want to do everything themselves. Even major plumbing installations or replacements. But while these things may look easy at a glance, they’re big jobs that require expertise. The average homeowner can handle minor plumbing issues. But bigger jobs, like installations and major repairs, are best left up to those with training and experience. 

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