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The water heater is the backbone of the home plumbing system. It helps all the appliances connected to the plumbing do their jobs. Cleaning clothing, cleaning and sterilizing dishes, and hot showers and baths could not happen without the water heater. People are no longer required to heat huge amounts of water over a fire to complete daily tasks as they did less that 200 years ago. Just as one must monitor a fire to keep it burning, so a water heater must have scheduled maintenance to keep it working as it should. 

Why Should Regular Maintenance Be a Priority?plumber

Though they know they may need replacement someday, every homeowner wants their fixtures and appliances to function for as long as they possibly can. This is at the very heart of scheduled maintenance. This should be done once a year at a minimum. Some of the benefits of regular maintenance are:
  • Efficiency: Maintenance provides a water heater with the highest possible efficiency, which lowers energy costs.
  • Lasting function: A regularly checked water will have a longer life because one can prevent problems instead of fixing them.
  • Savings: Lower energy costs mean more money in a customer’s wallet.
  • Helps other parts of the home: If the water heater is working well, it better serves the other appliances in the home that depend on it.

Checks and Parts Replacement: What Happens During Maintenance?

So what will a plumbing professional do for a water heater during a check-up? Several things are standard when it comes to water heater maintenance. The primary steps of a scheduled maintenance visit will include most of the following:

  • Flushing the tank: This involves emptying the tank and making sure the interior is in good shape and free of corrosion.
  • Descaling the tank: This process uses a descaler/cleaner to remove the build-up of mineral deposits due to hard water. 
  • Checking/Replacing the PRV: The PRV or Pressure Release Valve is an important safety device on a water heater that prevents pressure buildup within the tank. There can be dire consequences (leaks being the best case scenario) if it is not working properly, so this is one of the main maintenance checks.
  • Checking pipe connections: Making sure the pipes that bring water to and from the water heater are attached properly, are not leaking, and do not need any insulation.

Symptoms of a Troubled Water Heaterwater heater

Despite even the best efforts, sometimes water heaters do break down and need repair or replacement. There are many ways that a water heater can malfunction. If a homeowner observes any of the following signs, they should contact a reliable plumbing company for an inspection or consultation. 

  • Rust-colored water
  • Hot water not lasting as long as usual
  • Water is not as hot as normally expected
  • Hot water temps are intermittent
  • Leaks 

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