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Learn the Basics of a Home's Plumbing System

Most people that have owned homes for a few years know that there is always something to learn. There is no shortage of curveballs that a house can throw that can send homeowners into a spiral. Knowledge is one of the most important tools a homeowner can have because it helps protect and understand their investment. 

As kids head back to school this year, homeowners should take a moment and learn something about their home's plumbing. In this article, plumbers are happy to share a few facts to keep homeowners up-to-date on their plumbing knowledge.  

The Journey of Water To and from a Homesink water

Abundant fresh water is probably one of the most under-appreciated utilities that's in a home. Without readily available safe drinking water and a sophisticated sewer system to haul used water away, no civilization has thrived. A home's plumbing takes care of both of these functions with surprising reliability. 
It all starts where municipal water supplies enter a home. A single pipe brings water inside the walls, where it splits to feed cold water to fixtures like water heaters, washing machines, and sink basins. The line that feeds the water heater picks up after the tank and distributes hot water all around the home through piping. 

Each plumbing fixture will be near access to a drain line. Like the water lines, the drain line branches from each fixture back to a central sewer line. Once the drain lines meet up, used water and waste are whisked away to a sewer treatment plant via the sewer line. 

Important Plumbing Fixtures Around the Home

As hot and cold water lines serve water around the home, they are made accessible in fixtures like:

  • Showers: Hygiene is an important aspect of health. By using the hot and cold water lines present in showers, homeowners can practice hygiene in comfort. 
  • Toilets: Cold water lines serve toilets to help keep life sanitary. As they flush away waste, homeowners are protected from diseases. 
  • Water Heaters: Water heaters prepare water for use in other appliances. Water tanks and tankless water heaters offer different methods and benefits to help homeowners access this important resource. 
  • Dishwashers: Hot water lines make sure that dishes get cleaned and sanitized. As water pumps down the drain, food particles go with it, so the appliance's inside is always clean.

drain Keeping Drains Clean with Professional Drain Cleaning

Drains are equally as important to plumbing as clean water. Without clean drains, everyone would be constantly inundated with filthy water. Since drains take so much abuse, they must stay clean. Periodically, professional drain cleaning can help ensure that drains keep working properly. 

Whether a home needs emergency drain cleaning to remove a nasty clog or sewer lines need to be hydro jetted, professional plumbers have solutions to drain problems. For extra peace of mind, cleaning drains can ensure that homeowners never have to deal with an embarrassing and stressful drain clog. 

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