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Tips To Prepare for the Best 4th of July!

The 4th of July is the time of year, right in the middle of summer, when families come together for summer festivities and cookouts, in true American fashion. There is nothing worse than experiencing plumbing issues on the day of the fun! Homeowners can ensure their home is ready for this year’s festivities with the following information. Below are three tips that every homeowner should know and try to accomplish before the big day! 

Doing so will keep their homes safe and the festivities going as late as possible. Continue reading to stay informed on how to prepare the home this year for the 4th of July. 

Have a Garbage Disposal Installedgarbage disposal

When planning a 4th of July party, a garbage disposal might not be the top priority for many homeowners, but it is something that can make or break the whole day. 4th of July parties tend to be big, with lots of people gathered around for festivities like fireworks. Thinking of cleaning up the mess afterward is enough to cause anyone anxiety. 
Installing garbage disposal gives the homeowner one less thing to worry about or a bunch of things. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to say what food scraps end up down the drain during a party. That’s another area where garbage disposal comes in handy. Not only does the homeowner not have to worry about a huge pile of dishes to hand wash, but they don’t have to worry about their sink getting clogged either.

Garbage disposals are cheap and easy to install, making them a perfect addition to prepare the home for the 4th this year. 

Check Gas Lines To Ensure Safety

It is probably best to have a professional check the gas lines to ensure they are safe for the event, rather than homeowners trying to do it themselves. However, homeowners can do a few things to check if they have a gas leak in their homes. 

Here are some things to do:

  • Check for a rotten eggs smell anywhere in the home
  • Listen for any hissing or whistling noises in the home
  • Those that have a gas stove can try to turn on a burner. If the flame is orange or red at first rather than blue, there might be gas in the air
  • The homeowner can also purchase a gas leak detector to use

Gas leaks aren’t anything to mess with. Homeowners should call in a professional when they think they might have a gas leak in their home. The professional will probably recommend that the homeowner leave the home until the situation is resolved because too much gas in the air can cause the homeowner to get very sick.  


Make Sure the Bathroom Is Ready for Guests!

The easiest way to ensure the bathroom is ready for guests is to have a professional plumber perform any maintenance and tune-ups the system might need. No homeowner wants to deal with a clogged toilet on the 4th. So, having the system professionally cleaned will keep the risk of clogging at a minimum. 

Apple Valley Plumbing Company Works Hard To Keep Homeowners Safe

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