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Don’t Let Plumbing Problems Flood Out Your Summer Plans!

It’s great to have a backyard during the summer months. It’s the time of year when the yard gets the most use. Cookouts, parties, celebrations, or just playing with the kids or pets outside are some of the best times families have. There’s something great about having a yard in which to make memories. So, that last thing that anyone wants is to have to deal with a flooded yard or other outdoor plumbing emergencies right in the middle of summer. Here are three plumbing issues that can ruin backyard summer fun - and what homeowners can do about them.  

Broken Sprinklerssprinkler

Cultivating a backyard to be proud of usually involves sprinklers. Without them, the grass won’t turn green and lush. They save time, eliminating the need for homeowners to be outside spraying down the lawn with a hose. But sometimes sprinklers can break and cause the yard to flood. 

Underground irrigation lines can break due to roots, ground shifts, or for no apparent reason at all. When this happens, part of the yard may flood, soaking the grass and making that area a colossal mess that can interfere with summer plans. Most of the time, the fix is to dig down and find the break in the line, cut out the section, and replace it. Sometimes the whole system will malfunction, which usually requires a professional plumber to fix. 


Hose Bibs

Many homeowners have hose bibs outside their homes, but they don’t know what they are. Hose bibs come out of the home and are designed to hook a hose up to. Most homeowners know these simply as spigots or hose spigots. While these are usually pretty solid and don’t pose problems, they can start to leak or break on occasion. 

Even a small leak from a hose bib can cost the homeowner hundreds of dollars a year. This is why it’s good to look for water running down from the spigot or dark spots on the wall around where the bib comes out. If things are bad enough, one may require a replacement to fix the issue. 

The Dreaded Sewer Line Damage

Compared to sewer line damage, broken sprinklers or hose bibs seem like a walk in the park. A sewer line breaking can cause all kinds of problems, depending on where it’s located. If one is located under the driveway, it can cause damage to the concrete above as the sewage leaks out and causes the ground to shift

Other times, a broken sewer line will cause soggy and smelly areas of the yard, attracting pests to the area. Sometimes patches of especially green or lush grass can pop up above a broken sewer line. Other times it will drain into the basement or cause foundation issues. Those homeowners who suspect they have a broken sewage line should immediately contact a professional plumber to diagnose the issue. 

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