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New Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures for Mom

Mother’s Day is all about spoiling and pampering Mom, showering her with love and appreciation, giving back for everything she’s done all these years. Treating her to breakfast in bed, spending quality time with her, and giving her a chance to kick back and relax all go a long way. But it can’t stop there - she also deserves a great gift (or several)! 

Sure, chocolates and flowers are time-honored classics, but sometimes something a little more special (and long-lasting) is in order. And what could be better than an upgrade for some of those boring old bathroom and kitchen fixtures? Especially if she’s been wanting to do it herself but hasn’t found the time. Here are a few great gift ideas that mom is sure to love.

New Bathroom Fixtures Mom Will Lovebathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place to start for Mother’s Day gift ideas. Upgrading fixtures like faucets, sinks, and bathtubs can transform a bathroom to give it the feel of a luxury resort. If doing it all at once is a bit out of the price range, it’s easy enough to tackle one fixture at a time. 

Upgrading to an elegant new water-saving faucet is perfect for water-conscious moms. And they come in a variety of styles to suit any taste, from chrome and stainless steel to nickel and polished brass. If it’s time for a new sink, some mothers may appreciate the modern look of a vessel sink or the added counter space of an all-in-one sink and vanity combo.

A new bathtub can dramatically change the entire bathroom all on its own. Large soaker tubs are perfect for moms who want to unwind after a long day. Whether it’s a free-standing clawfoot or flat-bottom tub, a spacious walk-in tub, or a whirlpool tub with soothing jets, it’s sure to give Mom the blissful relaxation she deserves.


The Joy of New Kitchen Fixtures

An upgraded kitchen sink or faucet (or both) is another gift nearly every mom will love. Most new water-saving kitchen faucets feature an aerator to mix air with the water for a powerful stream that’s great for cleaning. Combined with a built-in hose sprayer, this can make nightly cleanup a breeze, which is not just a gift for mom but the whole family!

A new kitchen sink basin can also make life easier - and more luxurious. Farmhouse sinks are a great blend of old and new styles, and in fireclay or cast iron, are sturdy enough for any job. A stainless steel double-basin sink is a classic option. Or for those households where a lot of cooking goes on, a large under-mount sink can provide enough space for even the biggest dishes and food prep jobs.

The Importance of a New Garbage Disposal

Another great gift idea for the kitchen is an upgraded garbage disposal. Many homes don’t have a garbage disposal, to begin with, making food prep and cleanup more difficult. Most vegetable matter and other food scraps can safely go down the disposal and be ground into tiny bits and washed away. This means moms get spared the nasty job of cleaning out the food trap every night!

In homes that already have a disposal, it may be high time for an upgrade, anyway. They typically don’t last much longer than 10 years and begin to lose their effectiveness as they age. Newer, more powerful models also tend to have better sound insulation, so cleaning up won’t make as much of a racket, and the after-dinner conversation won’t be rudely interrupted!

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