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Professional Plumbing Services To Help Reduce Water Waste

In honor of Earth Day, many homeowners are looking for new ways to conserve water and do their part for the environment. Most people already know about the everyday good water habits like taking shorter showers, turning off faucets while brushing teeth or washing dishes, and consolidating their laundry into fewer loads. But many homeowners aren’t aware that their plumbing system itself may be costing them hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water every year.

Things like slow leaks, faulty valves, outdated fixtures, and excessive water pressure can waste several gallons a day for months on end without being noticed. Fortunately, homeowners are not alone. A trusted local plumber can identify hidden sources of water waste and solve the problem, as well as recommend additional eco-friendly solutions and practices. 

Plumbing System Inspections

A thorough plumbing inspection is generally considered a prerequisite when purchasing a home. But after this initial appraisal, most homeowners tend to think they’re in the clear for years. The truth is, a plumbing inspection should be performed every two years in newer homes and once a year in older homes.

With routine inspections, plumbers can catch minor issues before they escalate into large-scale emergencies. Pipe corrosion, dripping faucets, pinhole leaks, worn couplings, and mineral scale buildup can seem relatively harmless but end up causing massive damage or water waste. A pro can also measure the home’s main water supply pressure, which can cause severe damage or needless water loss if it’s too high.

Leak Detection, Repair & Prevention


Minor plumbing leaks are perhaps the most insidious form of water waste to be found in a home. Even a slowly dripping faucet or a tiny trickle from a loose pipe fitting can send hundreds of gallons down the drain every year. It’s even estimated that 10% of homes have undetected or unresolved leaks that waste 90 gallons per day!

Professional leak detection typically involves:

  • Testing the water meter for phantom usage.
  • Pressure-testing the supply system for irregularities.
  • Using special acoustic listening devices.
  • Feeding fiber-optic cables into the walls to pinpoint elusive leaks.

The technician will then repair the leak, usually with a simple slip coupling or by repiping the entire section if it’s likely to spring another leak in the future. 


Repairing or Replacing Old Toilets

Another primary source of residential water waste is old or malfunctioning toilets. Any toilet that runs frequently is definitely leaking water. Homeowners can usually solve this by replacing the valve seal or “flapper” inside the tank, as it’s likely become worn. But not all toilet leaks are so simple. Older toilets may begin leaking from the base due when the connection to the floor drain becomes loose, the wax sealant ring has deteriorated, or the porcelain itself has cracked.

With most older toilets, repairs are hardly worth the cost, and homeowners would be better off replacing the toilet altogether. It’s a perfect opportunity to upgrade to a water-saving low-flush toilet. Many new toilet models use as little as 1.1 to 1.28 gallons per flush, much less than the standard 1.6. Some very old toilets use as much as 5 gallons, so an eco-friendly upgrade can’t come too soon!

A water-saving toilet can cut down water waste significantly, but it’s not the only fixture designed to do so. After the plumber replaces that old toilet, they can install eco-friendly faucets and showerheads to make the home even greener!

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