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Prevent Frozen Pipes From Ruining the Holiday Festivities!

One of the easiest ways to ruin a fine holiday vacation is a burst pipe and accompanying repipe. It's also one of the most easily preventable household disasters. For many homeowners, the hardest part is remembering to follow proper advice. After all, keeping pipes warm is easy, but it seems like plumbers become very busy during the winter with flooded homes from burst pipes. Read on to discover the best ways to prevent pipes from freezing this winter. 

Make Sure Your Pipes Are Insulated Properlypipes

The top way for homeowners to keep their pipes from freezing is proper insulation. This is especially important for any exterior pipes and plumbing fixtures because they are more exposed to the elements and less protected by the house's heat and insulation.

For these easily-accessible outdoor pipes, it is fairly easy for homeowners to install the insulation themselves. Most hardware stores sell pre-cut pipe installation that will easily slip over the pipes. There is also spray-foam insulation available for added protection for those hard-to-reach pipes and fixtures. 

Let Water Drip

One of the other best ways to prevent burst pipes during the winter is to let water drip out of the faucet. This is effective because pipes don't actually burst from the ice itself. A common misconception is that water expansion from turning to ice causes the pipe to burst. However, this isn't the case. Instead, it's the buildup of pressure that happens behind the ice blockage in the pipe. This water pressure is essential for the flow of water into the home. Without it, water would only flow out of a trickle, instead of the powerful flow that homeowners enjoy. 


So, letting water drip out of a faucet or two can keep the pipes' pressure low. It also helps to ensure that water is always moving. Even at a slow pace, moving water can make freezing less likely. 

Keep the Thermostat at 55-Degrees Fahrenheit

Finally, the third tip to keep pipes from bursting this winter is all about the thermostat. It can be tempting for homeowners to turn their thermostat off when they leave the house, but turning it down is a better option. Keeping the thermostat above 55-degree Fahrenheit can help keep the pipes from freezing, especially during long periods away from the house. This is because the heat inside the house isn't just for humans, but it can also keep the pipes comfortable and warm. 

In addition to keeping the thermostat above 55-degrees, homeowners can keep their interior doors and cabinets open when gone for long periods. This allows the heat to make its way into every room and to the vulnerable pipes under the sinks. Homeowners who are planning on leaving the home for extended periods during the winter need to weigh the possibility of a burst pipe against the cost of keeping the heater running while they are gone. 

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