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Protect Your Home Against Burst Pipes With these Helpful Tips! 

Burst pipes are never fun, but this nightmare is a much more common occurrence in colder areas. Once pipes burst, homeowners can expect to deal with flooding, water damage, and costly pipe repairs. Although burst pipes almost always catch people unawares, observation for signs of deterioration, leaks, and other symptoms can provide the opportunity for an earlier and easier fix. 

Homeowners should be especially wary during the holiday season since inspecting the drainage system can become the last priority. An Allstate poll even found that burst pipes in Minnesota increased by 197 percent during the holidays! Read this article for the best chance at protection against burst pipes in winter.

Potential Damage From Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can mean thousands of dollars in repairs. The damage can range from ruined floors and carpeting to a total building overhaul. This plumbing debacle is caused when frozen water expands in the pipes and, as a result, puts too much pressure on the inner pipe walls. Pipes are much more likely to burst if they are older or deteriorated due to chemicals from cleaning products. 

The material of the pipe will also play a significant factor in its life expectancy. Materials such as brass, galvanized steel, and cast-iron can last even up to a century, and copper can provide up to 80 years of service. PVC pipes range from 25 - 40 years of use. 

Burst pipes may feel like a doomsday scenario that can take an owner by surprise at any point but take heart. There are signs of pipe deterioration and steps a homeowner can take to protect their home. 

What Insulation Can Mean for Your Pipes

Just like how humans need coats in cold weather, pipes need protection in winter as well. Insulating pipes will help reduce the risk of a burst. Uninsulated pipes can freeze when the weather outside is just under 20 degrees Fahrenheit, a low threshold for Minnesota winters. 


Philadelphia Insurance Companies reviewed 433 burst pipe claims and found that unheated attics take the cake as the most common cause of burst pipes. People may not realize that attics also have pipes, leaving them unprotected and uninsulated against winter weather. Pipe insulation can be purchased at any hardware store. This inexpensive fix will save thousands in potential damages and repiping.

More Methods To Prevent Burst Pipes 

Insulation is a sure-fire way to improve the chances of pipes surviving the winter incident-free. However, insulation is not the only way to protect pipes. 

Other recommended methods are:

  • Avoid chemical cleaners - When chemicals used for cleaning purposes pass through the pipes, they eat away at the pipes' integrity. Alternatively, homeowners can invest in professional drain cleaning services to clean pipes and prevent blockage. 
  • Check annually for signs of deterioration - Frequent assessment of pipe quality can save money, time, and effort. Homeowners should check for leaks or cracks (of any size), water spots around the piping, corrosion on pipes, and discolored water. Any of these signs can mean that it is time to call a plumber for an inspection.
  • Consider upgrading the piping material - When the unfortunate time for pipe replacement comes, use this opportunity to assess which piping material works best for the house. For instance, copper may have a long life expectancy but is more likely to freeze than other materials.


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