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Easy Tips to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

It's that time of year again when the snow starts to fall and the temperatures start to drop. While it can be nice and cozy inside, when those temperatures drop, anything that’s outside is at risk of freezing, including your plumbing. The pipes that are the most vulnerable to freezing are the ones exposed to exterior walls or in places that are not heated.

Not only will the pipes freeze and render you without water, but they can also rupture, causing you to be without water and a big repair bill. Because of this potential disaster, plumbing professionals have the following tips to keep frozen pipes from happening.

Try Adding Heat Tape

heat tapeHeat tape is used to wrap around exposed pipes to heat them when the temperatures drop into the freezing range. Heat tape isn't tape at all, but rather it's a flexible resistive heat-conducting wire that produces heat with electricity.

Heat tape is used to prevent water-filled rigid plastic and metal water pipes from freezing. The tape is wrapped around pipes and connected to a power supply. The wire around the pipe will then hold heat against the pipe preventing freezing.

There are a wide variety of types and styles on the market, so it’s always a good idea to consult a plumbing professional to determine your specific needs. Also, remember that it needs to be connected to electricity, so it’s only applicable to areas where there’s readily an outlet.

How Insulation Can Help

Pipe insulation is a material that is wrapped around water pipes that helps to prevent freezing. Normally pipe insulation is made of foam or fiberglass. Pipe insulation is an easy and affordable way to prevent freezing and thus burst pipes. Like your favorite winter or ski jacket, the insulation holds heat in and keeps cold out which prevents freezing.

pipe insulation

In addition, because your plumbing is always relatively warm, your water heater and appliances won’t have to work as hard to provide you with hot water. There are many types of pipe insulation so do your research and determine the correct product for your needs or call on a plumbing professional for help.

Sometimes insulation comes in the form of a simple sleeve that can be wrapped around the pipe, with other options including spray-on foam. Just be sure you’re satisfied with your insulation choice before the winter season rolls around.

Remember to Run A Drip of Water

small drop of waterThe cheapest and easiest way to help prevent frozen water pipes is by allowing the faucet to run a constant drip of water through the water cycle. This may seem like wasted water, but by having water constantly flowing through your pipe, there’s less of a chance for the pipe to freeze completely.

As a pro tip, it’s always a good idea to go with cool water instead of hot. Because your water supply is limited by the capacity of the hot water heater, using hot water can increase your costs. In the event that you do notice frost or ice forming in or around your plumbing, addressing it as quickly as possible is key.

As the pipe continues to freeze, it can expand, leading to a break. Instead, try your best to warm the area using a hairdryer or space heater. If all else fails, contact your local plumber immediately, as they can help mitigate damage.

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