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3 Ways a Garbage Disposal can Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever really stopped to consider the many benefits of having a garbage disposal in your kitchen? They increase the value of your home and help the environment because of how they compact your garbage. They help you to manage your waste more effectively and cut down on household chores.

They are easy and cost-effective to install, so don’t represent a big time or financial investment. There is even more upside. Read on below to learn more about how a garbage disposal can help you.

1 - Clear Pipes Without Clogs

“clearpipes”It is inevitable that some food scraps and other debris will fall into your kitchen sink when you are cleaning your dishes and tidying your kitchen.

Unfortunately, as this debris gathers in your sink (where it doesn’t belong), it will eventually bind to your pipes and drains, causing troublesome clogs.

This can cause your sink to back up and overflow, creating huge messes to clean up and potential water damage to repair. That is in addition to the possibility that your kitchen sink would be out of commission for a while- which isn’t good for anyone. The simple solution is to install a garbage disposal, which means that when debris falls down the kitchen sink, it is going where it should-into the garbage disposal.

2 - Easier to Clean Your Dishes

“washingdishes”Chances are that you scrape your dishes into the garbage can and then walk across your kitchen to your sink to rinse the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand.

Not only does this waste your time, it means that you are probably tracking food and garbage all over your kitchen. Want a better solution? Put in a garbage disposal to unify your task stations and make your life easier.

3 - Fresh Clean Smell

“cleansmell”With the food debris and scraps that gather in your sink, you will inevitably get bad smells in your kitchen as that food begins to decompose. You can try to freshen the drains with baking soda and vinegar, but that isn’t always effective.

Also, when you are storing big bags of trash in your kitchen, it is going to smell bad, naturally. Even if you use scented bags that may not take the edge off.

If you have a garbage disposal, you can reduce garbage stored in your kitchen and the food scraps in your sink drains. The end result is a fresh smelling kitchen. Are you curious to learn more about how a garbage disposal can make your life easier? Call us for more information today in Apple Valley, MN.

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