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What Does It Mean to Have a Near Perfect Plumbing System?

While there is no such thing as a "perfect" plumbing system, since we don't live in a perfect world, there is such a thing as a near-perfect plumbing system! As long as you keep your home's or business's plumbing system properly maintained, there is no reason your plumbing shouldn't work like new for many, many years.

What exactly does keeping your home's or business's plumbing system adequately maintained mean? Well, keeping your drains clean, maintaining a balance in your water pressure, and protecting your drains with screens and hair blockers are all very easy ways to ensure your plumbing system stays closer to "perfect" for longer.

Prioritizing Regular Drain Cleanings

Taking preventative measures like having your drains cleaned regularly is a great way to ensure your plumbing system doesn’t encounter any severe damage. Proper drain cleanings performed by a licensed professional can have many benefits for your plumbing system, including:


  • Eliminating or preventing slow drains caused by a blockage in the drain
  • Reducing foul odors caused by debris like food or hair that has become lodged in your pipes
  • Getting rid of severe clogs further in the line
  • Lowering your risk of dealing with a plumbing emergency
  • Giving your plumber a chance to identify potential plumbing issues before they become a costly plumbing disaster

Professional drain cleanings can be extremely helpful to you as a home or business owner. Over the counter liquid drain cleaners, however, should be avoided, as they can sometimes end up doing more harm than good to your plumbing system.

Keeping Water Pressure Balanced

“balancedwaterpressure”Maintaining a properly balanced water pressure in your home or business is also extremely important.

While having low water pressure is an annoyance no one enjoys, having water pressure that is too high can put you at risk of leaks, broken pipes, flooding, and a waste of water.

To make sure you are not putting your water pipes at risk, while also not sacrificing an adequate flow of water from your faucets, you'll want to keep your water pressure at an intermediary "Goldilocks" point.

Making Use of Hair Blockers in Your Drains

“haircleaner”Keeping your drains free of clogs is another way to keep your plumbing system in peak condition.

One way you can prevent clogged grains is by using hair blockers or other screens to keep hair out of your shower or floor drains, and food debris out of your kitchen drain.

These screens can be purchased at most home improvement stores and are fairly inexpensive.

Knowing and Adhering to Your Town’s Requirements

“localrequirements”In the event that your plumbing system ever does need extensive repair like a major repiping job, it is important to consider what kinds of permits your local government requires you have for the project.

For example, the city of Apple Valley, MN usually requires a building permit for all repairs or installations to plumbing systems, as well as a list of inspections that must take place during construction and after the job is complete.

You should always contact your city’s department of building inspections for specific details about the required permits and inspections before beginning a project.

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