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Every Home Plumbing Remodel Needs a Permit

Are you sure you have everything you need before getting started on your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project? There's no question a home plumbing renovation can increase the value of your home and your quality of life in a big way.

But before you start cutting into any walls or moving any pipework, you need to be sure you have permission from the municipality. Many plumbing remodel jobs require permits before they can be completed.

By refusing to get the right permits, you could set yourself up for major consequences. There are lots of reasons for getting a permit and few for neglecting them. It's important for homeowners to understand why they're crucial. Here's why every home plumbing remodel requires the use of permits.

Licensed Professionals Always Require Them

“noprofessional”Think about it: if a licensed bathroom or kitchen remodeling professional would never start a project without a permit, why should you?

These plumbers know there could be consequences for refusing to acquire permits. If you contract somebody to help with your plumbing renovation, then ask if they apply for permits as part of their service.

If they don't, you need to be clear which one of you will initiate the process. They will be able to give you guidance if you're not sure how to proceed. Just remember, if you don't have the permits needed for the job, a professional may turn away from the project.

You Could End Up Paying Big Time

“penaltyfine”There could be substantial financial costs for ignoring the permit process, both in the present and future. If you want to put your home up for sale at some point, the appraisal will take into consideration whether or not any unauthorized renovations were done.

The discovery of unpermitted work could not only decrease the valuation of your home, but it could also cause potential buyers to become hesitant to purchase.

If an official inspector travels to your neighborhood and catches you in the midst of unauthorized construction, you may be slapped with a big fine. Also, if somebody in your neighborhood is bothered by your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project and files a complaint, a permit will protect you from any penalty.

Renovation Must Meet Safety Standards

“safetystandards”Although applying for permits can be time-consuming and sometimes comes with a fee, there's a good reason why they exist.

Permit systems are designed to protect the safety of residents by ensuring all building projects adhere to a strict code.

If you have any questions about getting permits in your area, contact Apple Valley, MN municipal offices.

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