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Plumbing Tips to Help You Safely Celebrate The 4th of July

Although plumbing tips may not seem at all related to the 4th of July, plumbing is something to keep in mind even while celebrating with that hot dog today. Holidays are some of the worst times to have a plumbing emergency, as they all charge extra to come out on major holidays.

If you learn how to fix your own plumbing issues in your home or at least how to prevent them, you can focus on spending the day with family and not worrying about your plumbing concern. Read on to get the essential tips you all homeowners need for 4th of July and beyond!

Start With Your Kitchen Sink

kitchensinkThe 4th of July is known mainly for its huge parties and sparkling fireworks. However, as fun as those parties and fireworks are, at the end of the day there is usually an increase in the number of dishes and silverware being piled into your sink.

In addition to more dishes, there is also an increased risk of food making it past your dish disposal and heading into your pipes. The number one plumbing tip to keep your pipes running smoothly is to make sure to buy a grease trap for your kitchen sink drain.

A quality grease trap does exactly what it claims, it “traps” the grease (and other food) from getting past your drain, into your pipes and, eventually, the Apple Valley sewer system. There are multiple types of grease traps out there which, combined with a difficult installation process, means it is often easier to just have a professional plumber install them for you. Professional installation also guarantees that it will be installed correctly, and many professionals include warranties on both services and products.

Know How To Handle a Toilet Clog

toiletclogClogged toilets are embarrassing, especially if you have holiday company over. As an increase in the people in your home also means an increase in the people in your bathroom on 4th of July, remember to follow this simple plumbing tip and make sure to keep a plunger next to your toilet.

Having the ability to plunge your own toilet as soon as the clog occurs can help you save money on costly repairs. If you’ve never had to unclog the toilet before, ask a trained professional to make sure you learn the correct technique.

Make sure to also verify what the right type of plunger style is for your toilet, as there are many different materials, sizes, and shapes on the market. Most hardware stores can give you this handy plumbing tip.

Where is Your Shut-Off Valve Located?

shutoffvalveDo you know where your shut-off valve is without looking? Most people don’t. However, if you are unable to get the toilet unclogged fast enough, or if you find your kitchen sink flooding, knowing how to locate and use your water shut-off valve is essential to not let your home taking on much water while you (or a professional plumber) diagnose the issue.

Take this plumbing tip from us! In most Apple Valley homes, the water shut-off valve is situated on near the base of the sink or toilet. The valve is normally oblong shaped or a round dial and comes in two different types (compression shutoff valve and ball valve).

Just rotate the valve clockwise until the water stops, and then turn the valve counter-clockwise once the problem has been resolved. This 4th of July, if it's been a while since a professional plumber has come to check out your place, make sure to schedule an appointment (with a qualified, Minnesota plumber) as soon as possible.

Following the plumbing tips, we’ve discussed today can potentially help stop a disaster today, but more routine maintenance of your home’s plumbing system is most important. Hopefully, the fireworks stay on your lawn and not in your bathroom tonight!

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