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How to Avoid Toilet Clogs at Your President’s Day Party

The big holidays like Christmas and New Year’s have passed, but even with them being finished, there are still many special days to celebrate. One of the more notable ones is the one that we just celebrated as a nation – President’s Day.

A lot of people celebrate this special day by having people over and cooking special foods, remembering the great leaders of our country and what they’ve done.

But even when there are special days, and especially when you’re cooking up a storm, it’s important to remember some household tips that you can use to keep your pipes healthy and working well.

Clog Prevention Starts With Food Knowledge

When you are cooking for a holiday or another special occasion, it’s easy to often cook things that aren’t as healthy for you. But when you’re cooking, it’s also important to know that things that may not be healthy for you, may also cause problems with your pipes and lead to clogs.


Some of the common foods that can cause clogs in your pipes are:

  • Foods that swell, like pasta and rice.
  • Fats and oils.
  • Coffee grounds.

There are times when you can take care of a clog on your own, using a plunger or a snake. But depending on the size of the clog, calling a plumber is a better idea so that you don’t make things worse.

Quick & Simple Food Disposal

fooddisposalOne thing that is common when you have a lot of guests over and cook a big meal is that you have lots of leftovers. Yes, leftovers are good and sometimes you can send some home with your guests.

But what happens to that leftover casserole that no one can eat another bite of? Well, rather than putting out bags of trash and filling up landfills, a good investment is a garbage disposal.

Not only will it help you make short work of some of those leftovers, but it also will do it in a way that is good for the environment. Just imagine not having to gather up all of the garbage from leftover food and take it out. A lot of it can go into your garbage disposal and leave you more time to spend with your family. Just make sure that you don’t chop up things like rice, bones, pasta and fibrous items.

Drain Cleaning Means Happy Pipes

daincleaningHow often do you think about your drains? Probably not very often. But just think about them for a minute. Think about all of the things that go down them every day. Hair, excess food, little pieces of soap and much more.

Yes, these things don’t cause problems by themselves. But as weeks and months go by things start building up and eventually you have a problem. That’s why having your drains cleaned regularly is essential.

Not only can it extend the life of your pipes, but it can stop clogs in their tracks and help with preventing leaks and home damage from leaks and floods. When your drains are cleaned regularly, your life is going to be much better at home. You don’t have to worry about the ticking time bomb all of those items going down the drains can cause, and you can entertain guests with ease.

At Apple Valley Plumbing, we hope that you enjoyed your time with your family on President’s Day weekend. We also hope you were able to use some of the information in our blog. If it was useful, please share the information found here with your friends. It could just help them avoid a big problem in their home.

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