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Spring Forward Into Clean Water With a Well Pump

With the arrival of warmer spring weather (that we keep looking forward to) the cold snows of a bitter Minnesota winter might warm up sometime soon. The landscape will soon change, with the rainbow of floral colors popping up all over the place. An effect of the hopefully melting snow is that wells will be full of fresh water.

If you haven’t already done so, taking advantage of your own well can secure your supply of fresh water, free of the chemicals and pollutants often found in city water. The key to setting up your own water supply is getting a sump pump. There are a few different setups that you can utilize, depending on your well situation.

Shallow Water Option: Shallow Well Jet Pump

whatisFor water supplies close to the surface, a shallow well jet pump can be a solid option. Designed for wells that are less than 25 feet underground, the setup is relatively simple and efficient.

Most setups feature the entire engine and jet feature found above the ground with a single pipe delving into the well itself.

Using suction to draw the water up, the pump creates a vacuum and atmospheric pressure brings the water up into a storage tank. Utilizing the natural pressure makes the shallow well jet pump very energy efficient.

Deep Water Option #1: Deep Well Jet Pump

idealjetpumpThe same concept of using atmospheric pressure to create an energy efficient pump can still be utilized for deeper wells, however, the complexity of the setup is ramped up. The installation of a deep well jet pump is called a double-drop system.

Unlike the shallow setup, the engine and the jet unit itself are separated. The electric engine remains on the surface while the jet component goes underground to keep the system functioning with greater depth.

Placement of the jet becomes crucial because the efficiency of the whole system is dependent on the amount of energy the jet needs to exert to draw the water up.

Deep Water Option #2: Deep Well Submersible Pump

submersiblepumpJet pumps draw the water up from the ground. However, deep well submersible pumps do the option, pushing the liquid up from the well itself. The setup is quite different, with the entire unit being submerged with the well. The pump then forces the water up in an efficient manner.

The biggest issue with maintenance is that a professional needs to address any problems since the unit is submerged. However, the advantage to these pumps is that they are sturdy and meant to last for 20 to 25 years, making them an incredibly dependable option.

With the fields of flowers in bloom coming with Spring, it is important to remember that before you pick a flower, you should know what you are looking for. Similarly, there are several well pump setups that can meet a variety of situations. Thankfully, the professionals at Apple Valley Plumbing can help get the right setup for you. Reach a well pump expert by calling (612) 387-1207.

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