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The Truth Behind Your Hydrojetting Service

Drain cleaning is probably the last type of cleaning you think of when you think of hiring a housekeeper. However, it is just as important as keeping the visible portion of your home tidy. When your drains are left unattended to for long periods of time, you may begin to experience low water pressure, slow water drainage in tubs or showers, and overflowing toilets. Each of these problems can range from being an annoyance to a day-ruiner--and none of us at Apple Valley Plumbing wants your day ruined!

Hydrojetting: What it Is

“whathydrojetting”When you are in need of serious drain cleaning, we recommend a process called hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is basically spraying water through a nozzle at a high pressure (and temperature) in order to blast away debris, dirt, contaminants, and clogs.

After your drains have been hydro jetted, you will notice that your water pressure has been restored, toilets don’t overflow nearly as often, and your drains function properly--probably as well as brand new ones!

The next question is WHY we recommend hydrojetting instead of snaking or store-bought cleaners. While snaking drains can be a good idea when done by a professional, sometimes clogs are too far for our tools to reach. In addition, the clog is the only thing removed with a snake, the debris and buildup in the pipe stay where it is.

Store-bought cleaners are another issue entirely, actually: they are dangerous. These products are made with lye which has been used over the years in soaps and detergents. Lye, when used in soap or detergent isn’t inherently harmful. When used in a high concentration (like in drain cleaners) it can cause burns to the skin, eyes, throat, and lungs.

Because these products are so potent, they can also damage your pipes, especially after years of use. Aside from these issues, store-bought drain cleaners are also bad for the environment, whereas hydro jetting uses ONLY water!

Let’s Talk Numbers

“costshydrojetting”When you call to find out how much a hydro-jetting drain cleaning is, you may be surprised to hear the cost. While it’s true that the cost can vary based on the severity of any clogs as well as the types of drains that are being jetted, you may hear a price anywhere from $150-500.

Although this might be a bit more expensive than other options, hydro jetting rids your pipes of all debris that would otherwise allow for a clog to begin forming almost immediately. Basically, hydro jetting can eliminate the need for multiple calls to a plumber to snake a drain or multiple trips to buy cleaner (please don’t!)

Who to Call For Drain Cleaning Services

“callhydrojetting”It’s true that you could call a number of plumbing companies for these drain cleaning services. However, there should only be one that you consider: Apple Valley Plumbing.

Our company values every customer and shows this appreciation by using upfront pricing for no surprises, arriving on time, and offering same-day services. When you trust your drain cleaning to our technicians, you can feel good knowing that we aren’t there to pressure you. Our guys will figure out exactly where the clog is and give every option available and explain what their recommendation is and why. Give us a call to make an appointment today!

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