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What “Love a Tree Day” Is All About!

When it comes to the month of May, many people immediately think about Memorial Day. While it’s a noble holiday, there’s another one that could have an impact on your life as well. This holiday doesn’t muster up the full recognition it truly deserves. Of course, we’re talking about “Love a Tree Day,” this holiday takes place on May 16.

On this day we’re encouraged to look after and appreciate the majesty of trees and their life bearing properties. You can participate by planting a tree in your local neighborhood or park or just do your best to help the community. Much like us, trees also need quality water in order to survive and thrive, which is why paying attention to your water quality could be an easy way to celebrate this lesser-known holiday.

Trees & Life

cleanwaterIt’s often said that trees are the lungs of the earth. Trees help clear out the excess carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen which is essential for all kinds of life on our planet. They also provide us with shade which can be essential in certain sunny areas.

Trees are an essential element in our planet that need to be protected. In order to grow to full maturity, trees need clean water, fertile soil, and a healthy amount of sunlight as well. Arguably the most critical need is clean water.

Trees can be surprisingly resilient amid a lack of good soil or quality sunlight. However, trees will quickly wilt and wither without water in a relatively short period of time.

Getting a Boost With Water Filtration

waterfilterPolluted water isn’t just a danger for us but also for the plant and tree life in the area. In a world without potable water, there would be no tree life, ergo no oxygen in the air, which would entail the end of most life on our planet.

Clean water is indisputably the most important resource for human life. We can survive about 2 weeks without any food but only about a day or two without any water.

Think about this fact when you’re purchasing a water filter for your home. Don’t settle for the cheaper option in water filters, invest in a quality water filter for you and your family.

Not only will it improve your water supply, but also it cuts down on the need for bottles - adding another boost in the environment.

Celebrate Your Trees this May

plantatreeOn May 16, let’s all go out and make a positive change in our communities. Whether that means helping your elderly neighbor plant a new tree or watering the withering plants around the neighborhood, any small action can make a big change. May is considered the month of Wildlife in general.

This points to the importance of trees not only for human’s sake but also for wildlife itself. Trees are the home and shelter for much of the wildlife on the planet. Let’s dedicate to the nurturing of trees by watering them with clean water, and even preferably rainwater which can be more environmentally sustainable.

Water is the source of life. Its importance can’t be understated. If you suspect your water filter not working properly, be sure to give us a call. At Apple Valley Plumbing Company, we’re dedicated to our customers, and always go above and beyond to help you keep your home safe and your family healthy.

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